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5 Daily Disciplines - Preston's First Five

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

"The Disciplined Life Is The Happy Life!"


Have you noticed that all through the convoluted internet you are taunted with influencers, influencer programs, and articles on how to be an influencer.

However annoying the "influencer" craze is the truth is your personal influence with your lover, family, and community will ultimately determine the capacity in which you can bring about cultural change of any kind.

True sustainable influence isn't gained by working to "gain more influence" and projecting a perfect lifestyle. True sustainable influence is gained by the compounding effect of daily private disciplines.

Often times when challenged to begin waking up at 4:15AM or 5:30AM my coaching clients will say something along the lines of, "Wait, everyday? Even on the weekends? That's unreasonable!" And they are all RIGHT! The truth is If it were reasonable than EVERYBODY would do it!

Daily disciplines are about doing what's unreasonable when no one is looking so that you can do what is unreasonable when everybody is looking!

I have created a template of what I call my First Five. These are five things that I do everyday to become the person I was created to be. These are five things that take me from surviving in most seasons's to thriving in nearly every season.

After practicing this principal for the last 9 years there have been 20-30 different revisions and variations. The recent model is one I have found to be most sustainable and fulfilling. Take a look. Routines may vary.


1) HYDRATE - Hydrate Your Body

Rules: 16oz + of water + greens mix

Typical Routine:

• Dring w16 oz water

• Drink greens mix / pre - workout (Depending on schedule)

Personal Outcome: My body wakes up, my state moves from passive to present.

2) ACTIVATE - Activate Blood Flow

Rules: 5-15+ Minutes of aerobics / stretching

Typical Routine: Includes 3 seperate variations depending on day.

• V1: Rebound Workout - 5 minutes of rebound based exercise

• V2: Body Weight Workout - 15 minutes of pull ups, push ups, and rebounding.

• V3: Weight Training - 60 minute weight training session.

Personal Outcome: My body is woken up and I am entering into a peak mental state.

3) INTEGRATE - Integrate God's Word Into My Soul

Rules: 10+ Minutes Of Scripture

Typical Routine: Includes 2 seperate variations.

• V1: Open Bible App and follow reading plan via audio while moving.

• V2: Open Bible App and read & listen simultaneously to engage multiple senses.

Personal Outcome: My day begins with the foundation of God's timeless word bringing alignment to my motives and perspective.

4) MEDITATE - Be still, Re-align Your Will

Rules: 15+ Minutes Of Stillness

Typical Routine:

• Sit in my office "thinking chair", close my eyes, open my hands, and be still.

• Pray through the Lord's Prayer and listen.

Personal Outcome: My soul is at rest, my mind is clear, and my motives are exposed.

5) CALCULATE - Calculate Priorities

Rules: Top 2 Priorities Determined

Typical Routine:

• Open up my planner and write out my action items.

• Cross reference digital calendar and calculate each hour of the coming day.

• Determine my Top 2 priorities for the day.

Personal Outcome: I get extremely clear on what I should, can and will do to maximize the day.


• 1) Write out some of the disciplines listed above.

• 2) Determine which disciplines you would like to implement starting now.

• 3) Lock yourself in by sending this article to someone and ask what they think.

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